Pomade and Men's Hair Products

Most guys don’t tend to use a ton of products on a daily basis. Shampoo is a given, and some opt for conditioner, but every guy should also have a go-to styling product on hand.

Many are tailored to fit specific hair types and needs. However, if you’re overwhelmed by the many styling product options and don’t know what to use, American Crew Pomade is one product that can be used on every hair type.


The how and why

Pomades help to control frizz, create texture and separation in short hair, and tame unruly/coarse hair into styles like the pompadour.


It’s helpful if you apply it to dry hair and add more when needed. Just be cautious of how much you scoop out of the jar—a little goes a really long way.



Everyday maintenance

To cleanse the hair of pomade, make sure to use a normalizing daily shampoo like Biolage Normalizing Shampoo. When product is left in hair overnight—or worse, under a ball cap—scalp can get flaky or oily.


So, make sure to keep your hair and scalp healthy this spring by investing in the right shampoo and conditioner, and try a little pomade on for size.

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