Beachy Waves Haircut

Clipper Fade


Stay looking fresh, and polished with the always-in-style clipper fade. This men’s short hairstyle is a go-to choice no matter the season with its wash-and-go ease and carefree styling needs.

A good clipper fade features transitions from extremely short near the sides and nape of the neck to gradually longer as it moves up the head. There are many length options, with many men choosing to wear it longer and with more casual length on top, though the tight top clipper fade will never go completely out of fashion.

This is a timeless men’s haircut that works on all hair types, and it’s perfect for naturally textured hair. All face shapes can wear a clean fade. Choose a more square neck style to make a longer neck look more proportional, while finishing the cut with a rounded edge will elongate a shorter neck. Regular maintenance is important: to keep a fade looking sharp, consider a trim every 2-3 weeks.


Rub a drop or two of designline Enchanted Midnight Weightless Oil between palms, then run fingers through hair to evenly distribute.

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